Contemplative Prayer Group

The contemplative prayer group continues to meet on the first Thursday of every month at All Saints Church at 6.30pm.  The prayer lasts  for about 40 minutes.

We follow the format laid down by the Fellowship of Contemplative prayer. Each time, a prayer leader meditates on a single phrase from the Bible and shares with the  others what the sentence said to them.  Lengthy silences are kept in which we listen privately to the message of God for us contained in that phrase.  We engage our minds to try and understand the significance the phrase held for those who first heard it, and then we engage our emotions to grasp its significance in our own lives.  Finally, we pray the phrase for those who we name in the group who especially need our prayers.

All are welcome, sharing the silence is good.

For more details, contact

Mireille Stanton    02088767744